Successful author, educator, and entrepreneur, Dr. Brad Poppie understands the challenges facing the modern business owner. Dr. Poppie has founded a wide array of businesses including healthcare, hotel, and apparel companies. Through his extensive research and experience, Dr. Poppie has formulated an equation for business success that ensures a productive work/life balance.

Expanding on his past guides, The Poppie Factor and Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum, Dr. Poppie uncovers the secret to growing your company by working on your business rather than in it in The New Intrapreneur. He invites you to follow him on a journey through the business world, arming you with the knowledge and courage to grow a prosperous venture along the way.


New Release: The New Intrapreneur

Shape your business and regain your personal freedom through dynamic new management techniques shared by Dr. Brad Poppie in The New Intrapreneur.

Learn techniques for business growth and employee autonomy without sacrificing success. Available in paperback and on Audible.

Book Two: The Poppie Factor, Essential Elements for Business Success

Whether you’re a businessman, an employee, or just looking to make your life more meaningful, The Poppie Factor will teach you how to change your mindset, redirect your focus and overcome the roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Available in paperback and on Audible.


Book One: Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum

Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum is your key to defining success, refining your brand, and building the momentum needed to boost your profitability for the long-haul. Available in paperback.

Let me, Dr. Brad Poppie, help you build momentum in your business and your life!

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