Dr. Brad Poppie,

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Dr. Poppie is a renowned serial entrepreneur with a passion not only for the “game” of business but also for empowering those who want to take the plunge from traditional employment to being the CEOs of their lives.

By catering to a vast array of audiences, Dr. Poppie structures his speeches to not only captivate, but to motivate with take-away points that people can actually implement in their own lives and business endeavors.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for a specific audience, Dr. Poppie has the ability to customize a presentation that is tailored specifically to that audience and fulfills specific needs such as:

● Essential elements for business success
● Sustaining and maintaining key talent
● Refining your brand to boost profitability
● New management techniques like intrapreneurialism and participative management
● …and more


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Business owners and corporations are faced with a chaotic environment in terms of managing employees from vast generation gaps.

At any given time, GEN X, Millennials and IGEN make up a large part of the workforce. The tricky part is how you manage their different expectations, philosophies and cultures to make sure you secure the best team possible.

As business owners, we all dream about starting a business and then at some point and time, being able to step away from it and work on it from afar. What typically happens is that they end up marrying their business because they work in it and not on it.

What would it be worth to you as a business owner to have employees think like you and care as much about your business as you do? What would you give to have more freedom to work on your business and not in your business?

Intrapreneurs are the key to any organization today and allow the business owner the freedom to step out of the daily grind and feel comfortable in letting their employees take the wheel.


Dr. Brad Poppie tailors each presentation to help business owners and organizations that are struggling with the next steps on how to grow their business and be competitive in today’s arena.

His goal is to empower business owners, including startups to Fortune 500 companies, to take action within their businesses. Dr. Poppie shares step-by-step strategies and techniques that he has developed within his own companies.

With his speaking engagements, he aids other business owners to develop, maintain and sustain strong teams that implement participative management. In return, leadership and employees benefit by increased job satisfaction, productivity and motivation.

Attendees will receive immediate action steps to implement in their own businesses to see quick and attainable results while developing a strategic plan for continued business growth.

Let me, Dr. Brad Poppie, help you build momentum in your business and your life!

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